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  Buy a course of 10 treatments and get one FREE
(you only pay the price of 9 treatments = £315)


Buy a course of 10 treatments and get one FREE
(you only pay the price of 9 treatments = £360)

'Chromapeel' Microdermabrasion

A fantastic anti-ageing treatment suitable for all ages and skin types. Chromapeel is a form of microdermabrasion using fine diamond tipped heads to speed up the natural renewal of your skin. Dead skin cells are safely and gently removed and the skin's surface is left soft, silky and looking radiant.

Diamond peeling avoids the mess associated with crystal dermabrasion and feels comfortable on the skin.

 - Helps lighten pigmentation from sun damge
 - Fades scarring from conditions such as acne
 - Softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
 - Improves circulation & promotes healthier tissue
 - Brightens complexion and leaves it clearer and glowing

 - Softens and refines surface of the skin
 - Helps clear congestion & blockages under the skin's surface

The chromapeel also offers 'Colour Light Therapy' and can be incorporated into the facial to help further treat conditions such as blemishes, high colouring and signs of ageing and also promotes a sense of well being.

Receptors within our skin have been shown to positively respond to various light colours :

Red - increases collagen and elastin production
Blue - creates anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial effects that improve problematic or acne prone skin
Green - soothes irritation and reduces redness
Yellow - encourages Lymphatic Drainage and so assists in detoxifying the skin

One treatment will noticeably improve the appearance of your skin but a course of treatments, taken around 7 days apart, is highly recommended for best results.

one treatment   £40

course of 6        £220  (saving £20!)

course of 10      £360  (saving £40!)

'Ultra Visage' Non Surgical Facelift

An amazing anti-ageing treatment using safe, low level microcurrent to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles and combined with deep cleansing and penetration of active ingredients in the form of gel and ampoules to revitilise your skin.
An ultimate facial treatment offering a real alternative to more invasive anti-ageing procedures. 

 - Lifts & tones face & neck muscles
 - Lifts eye area & decreases appearance of eye bags & puffiness
 - Softens lines & wrinkles

 - Improves circulation
 - Safe, painless & extemely effective
 - Helps restore skin's elasticity
 - Helps delay the ageing process

Microcurrent shortens or relaxes the muscle fibres, lifting sagging areas of the jaw, neck & face and reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles such as crow's feet and frown lines.
This treatment is the celebrities secret weapon for a '10 years younger' makeover!

One treatment will noticeably improve the appearance of your skin for a special occasion  but a course of ten to twelve treatments is necessary for best results.
Ideally, plan to have your treatments  twice a week to complete your course.

After your course, a treatment is recommended monthly to maintain results.

one treatment   £35

course of 10      £315  (saving £35!)

course of 12      £370  (saving £50!)

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